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“We use Chatswood Home & Garden Care for the garden and outside jobs like window cleaning and guttering, they do a great job and are always on time”.

“We were surprised by the range of services and attention to detail the grounds staff provided, we feel safe knowing Chatswood Home and Garden is protecting the value of our property. The last thing they do is clean the drive way which is always a nice touch”..

“Chatswood Home and Garden Care do a very neat service, it’s flexible and the work is always high quality, i like the way if it’s raining they think to call ahead if the windows were due to be done and arrange another day. They actually think about what they are doing and only bother be if they find an issue”.

“I like the way they always stop for a five minute chat at the beginning and end of a servicing and go over everything, they get so excited about their serving, they’ll take me around and show all the little things they have done, delightful”!

“Fred and I won’t use anyone else, trust is very important to us and we have gotten to know the staff at Chatswood Home and Garden Care, Some time they move the mail around the back when we are away, and they do other things to look after us”.

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